Reveille, Bristol 29/11/15

My next show Http// Its my ¬†club’s show & I help to organise it so I’m a bit biased but it’s a lovely little show. Probably the biggest one I do of the year as I can get twice the stock to it as i usually can to shows. Still means I can’t carry everything […]

Historie & Collections titles

  The latest titles now in our stock from this fine French Publisher. All are in English: No 23 French Artillery vol 1 – the foot artillery of the line No 24 French Dragoons vol 1 – 1669 to 1749 No 25 French Dragoons vol 2 – 1750 to 1792 No 26 French Artillery vol […]

Update 2/11/15

Apologies for the inactivity on this site. It’s not through inactivity by ‘reinforcements’ More the opposite! We have been busy! However my supply of new goodies seems to have changed – rather than acquiring large collections which consists of mainly 1 subject (eg 28mm ancients), I now seem to acquire collections of diverse contents. So […]