Welcome to my wargaming site!

I have been a keen wargamer & amateur military historian since my teenage years many moons ago.

I am a member of Lincombe Barn Wargames Society [LBWS] in Downend, Bristol, UK & currently the organiser of our Annual show Reveille and our increasingly popular Table Top Sales. For more info see our website www.bristolwargaming.co.uk

An offshoot of organising wargaming events has been that I have made contact with many gamers either wanting to get rid of surplus items & those looking to buy.

Hence the idea of ‘Reinforcements’

I will either sell items on commission or buy collections at a fair price & offer them for sale to others.

Also when my local Model Soldier shop ‘Bonapartes’ is offered wargaming items, which is of not of primary interest to them, we make them available to gamers

The idea is not to make money but to provide the means to expand my own collection!

I like to think this is also a green approach in an increasingly consumer driven throw-away society but I don’t suppose manufactures will agree with me!

I hope to expand these pages & update them over the coming months, perhaps with photos. I do not anticipate setting up an on-line shop at present due to work, family & other commitments & would prefer to deal direct. Currently I trade at 3 – 4 shows a year but visit plenty of others so always happy to bring stuff with me.

Feel free to contact me by e-mail me on craigsaustin@hotmail.com

Please contact me if you want to join my mailing list to receive updates – probably no more than 1 mail a month.