Stock List

Here is the list of the armies & major collections I have in stock. Smaller collections, odd units & bags/packs of figures are not listed so feel free to contact me if what you are after is not listed.

Due to space constraints I don’t generally carry them to shows. However if you want to have a look [without obligation] just ask.

Whilst I’m more than happy to send photos & info on these [& any other stock] I would prefer for potential buyers to see painted figures in the flesh so they can make their own judgement regarding quality & be aware of any damage. Saves the postage & packaging as well!

Reinforcements: Major collections. Stock list – January 2013

item Quantity Painted? Ref Guide Price Notes

6mm armies
Modern British AFV’s & soft-skins – European cameo Many boxes Good B/02 POA Some sold
10mm armies
Warmaster undead 1 box excellent C/01 £100.00 20+units
15mm armies.
Egyptians 1 box good C/03 40p/pce ½ sold
Roman [various] 1 box partly C/03 30p/12p
Celts 2 boxes v. good C/03 50p/pce
General ancient [DBA] armies 1 box average C/03 POA
Medieval Russian [11th C?] 2 boxes good C/03 40p/pce
High Medieval 1 box basic C/03 30p/pce
Generic 15th/16th C Renaissance 1 box good C/03 50p/pce
18th C. European – not sure which countries! 4 boxes basic C/03 30p/pce
Napoleonic – various based for HF&G 3 boxes good C/03 50p/pce
Napoleonic Russian 1 box partly C/03 50p/12p
Napoleonic French 1 box partly C/03 50p/12p
Franco- Prussian War 1 box no C/03 12p/pce
British & native colonial 1 box partly C/03 30p/12p
Note: last 2 would suit VSF or even ASL?
Fantasy – generic [LOTR Orcs & Rohan?] – Essex Miniatures 1 box Average/


C/03 30p/pce
20mm armies
Zulu War – Brits 1 box good B08/02 £1/pce
Zulu War – Zulus 3 boxes average B08/02 60p/pce
WW2 – Tanks/vehicles/figs – stock varies as does nationalities 300 + models varied various Tanks from £1 ea
25/28mm armies
Greeks 4 boxes varied C/03 POA
Persians & allies 3 boxes good C/03 POA
Asiatic types [might belong to the Persians!], Indian / Steppe 2 boxes good C/03 POA
Greek / Gaelic types [Syracusan?] 1 box varied C/03 POA Some sold
Gallic types 2 boxes good Baz/01 £120 Sold
Arab 2 boxes good J/01 POA
Parthian/Sassanid/Steppe types 3 boxes varied J/01 POA
Dark ages 2 box average J/01 POA
Medieval 1 box average J/01 POA
Norse! [Viking / Dark Age] [not GW] ½ box good C/03 POA
Steppe Nomads / Mongols [Dixon figs] 1 box average P/01 £125.00 90+ mtd figs
Medieval [Floden] English & Scots 2 box no C/03 POA
Early Renaissance 1box varied C/03 POA
ECW – at least 3 armies worth 5+ varied various POA
AWI – British / Loyalists 1 box average P/04 £1.50/pce 132 pces
AWI – Americans 1 box average P/04 £1.50/pce 113 pces
Napoleonic – stock varies as does nationalities 5 + boxes varied [some excellent] various From £1/fig
Zulu Wars –  Both sides [Redoubt figs] 1 box average P/03 £1.50/fig 120 figs
Fantasy Un-dead Lots! Good J/01 POA
Fantasy Chaos Lots good J/01 POA
Fantasy Empire 1 box excellent G/emp POA Some sold
Fantasy Chaos 1 box excellent G/chaos POA Sold
Other items
1/3000 ships [WW2] 1 box average POA
Books & rules 4 boxes multi Varies
6mm Irregular Miniatures scenic items POA Brand new
Note: Painting quality is only my opinion!
Generally figures are sold in units/regiments & priced accordingly.

Discounts possible for bulk buys!

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