Latest stock May 2012

Aquired quite a bit of new stuff & a bit of a mixture so just the main items listed. 20mm tanks – a nice selection from WW2 to more recent times, about 80 in total. (BTW I normally carry about 200-250 to shows & currently have about double that in stock) AWI painted 28mm armies […]

Gamers table top sale -LBWS Sunday 20/5/12

2 weeks to go to the next table top sale at Lincome Barn. Full info on the club site or from me at Looks like being another sell out event which will mean 40 tables of goodies. I’m taking 2 tables & planning to bring some stock which is kinda hanging around so will […]

Latest stock – April 2012

Latest stock items– April 2012 Ref P/03 • 28mm painted Zulus & British. Redoubt figs [RRP £1.30 ea unpainted] – about 60 of each, painting standard 5/10 asking £1.50 each • About 100 of the scaled down MAA booklets which came with the Del Prado range of Pre-painted collectable Napoleonic Cavalry figs – all the […]

Wargames Foundry

Pleased to say I have opened a trade account with Foundry. I should to be able to offer discounts on their goodies and/or free postage depending on order value. The trade terms require me to place quite sizeable orders so I anticipate having to accumulate individual orders prior to placing one bulk order. First order […]

Update January 2112

We had our annual HOTT comp at lincombe Barn yesterday & had a good turnout. Spent a lot of the day sorting through my stock, pricing up & adding new goodies etc in preparation for my next outing – Crusade at Penarth in 2 weeks on Sarurday 28/1/2112. Got a 12 ft slot booked so […]